Racing Simulator
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The best driving games accessories for home use at present are made by Logitech. Their simulation systems e.g. steering wheels are totally fantastic in every aspect. They have features like force feedback and a high rotation angle. Also their models look stylish and are made from high quality materials. Steering wheels accessories are very important in order to get the perfect racing simulation experience. Game simulations are driven by controlling the virtual car with a wheel. Standard console controllers are for normal games not simulations.

Even the most powerful platform engine with the most realistic video game won't make a proper simulation without the right equipment. A wheel is a must have gear to experiencing real life simulation. Logitech is the perfect choice and there is no doubt about that. The big range of wheels makes virtual driving as real as it can ever get. Today's racing software is becoming ever more realistic so home driving has never been that thrilling.

Driving Simulator

Logitech's family of steering wheels are compatible with almost every gaming platform, apart from Xbox360, but this is not a big loss, because all greatest racing games are made for PS3 and PC - fact. Logitech has even made a wheel for the best of all - GranTurismo 5 even - Driving Force GT steering wheel. This perfect GT wheel is fully compatible with all best racing game seat simulators like OpenWheeler. The driving simulator which was taken from a real racing car is fixed on a durable chassis that provides perfect stability and comfort for both the wheel and the gamer/driver. Racing from now on can enter a whole new level of realism with Logitech.

Little did you racing car game admirers know about the real power of your preferred car games. In case you have not tested a genuine driving simulator cockpit such as OpenWheeler, insufficient your real racing car knowledge is up till now. Grab the most out of your racing video game simulations with the OpenWheeler home driving chair.